Explore the 6 variations included

Use the viewer to discover each variation in 4K zoom, 360°, rotating sun, blowing wind and leaf and bark in details

Trimmed 1.7 meters

Privet Hedges Trimmed 1.7 meters

Trimmed 2.0 meters

Privet Hedges Trimmed 2.0 meters

Trimmed 2.5 meters

Privet Hedges Trimmed 2.5 meters

Untrimmed 1.7 meters

Privet Hedges Untrimmed 1.7 meters

Untrimmed 2.0 meters

Privet Hedges Untrimmed 2.0 meters

Untrimmed 2.5 meters

Privet Hedges Untrimmed 2.5 meters


Both leaf and bark texture have been created using photogrammetry, and afterwards projected onto our lower polycount version.

All trees are animated and applied using pointcache modifier, so wind velocity is 100% adjustable.

Our models are setup to work plug and play with 3ds Max and Corona Render or V-Ray Next


Format: .max .obj
Products include Static high poly
Static low poly
Animated high poly
Animated low poly
GrowFx raw files
Softwares used 3ds Max
Corona Render
Forestpack Pro
Now available for V-ray Next!