Who are we?

We met for the first time nearly a decade ago, while working for the same visualization agency. Niklas decided to go for the freelance title, while Daniel moved onto another agency to work as a project manager.

We didn’t see each other until 8 years later, when we by a mix of coincidence and spontaneity formed the visualization agency Udform.

Why polyget?

After a decade in the industry, we have seen countless software updates, new render engines, high end 3d models. But one thing we didn’t notice, high quality animated plants. With a passion for entrepreneurship and the 3d industry, we chose to form polyget, with the main focus being high quality animated plants.

After working on polyget on/off for 8 months, we chose to stop all sales for Udform and go all in on polyget. It took 3-4 months with lots of long nights, mistakes and power failiures. Now we finally have a product our perfectionistic persona will be proud of.

What now?

polyget will grow hand in hand with demand. As long as you like our approach to this industry, we will keep adding to the webshop.

Our goal is not to be ”just another 3d model webshop”. We want to create a product with a twist, either a brand new way of doing things, or better quality than the existing webshop. We will rather exclude a product that doesn’t reach our standards, than settle for a quick buck.